Too much traffic in Brussels

Mardi 21 octobre 2014

Surely you have noticed, Brussels is one of worst cities to drive your car in! After having spend hours in our car every day, we tried to understand why this is still happening in the capital of Europe :

- the routes from the suburbs to the city are very limited;

- the amount of streets and highways which are under renovation or construction…

- the public transport network… very far from being updated !

There are a few ways to make it better, for example, if you can take the train (more reliable than buses), or get a scooter or motorcycle, or even a bicycle like more and more people do! You could also check the websites for more information about the traffic etc., or try not to drive during rush hours.

Here is a list of the main road works in Brussels :

In Uccle :

- the parking on Chaussée de Saint-Job – avenue du Prince de Ligne is not over yet… Beginning : 01/09/2014 – Duration : 30 days.

- Renovation of the Arnold Delvaux avenue: its a small street on the side of the avenue Brugmann, and the results of these Works are catastrophic on the traffic in the area.

Beginning : 20/10/2014 - Duration : 50 days.

- the sidewalks on the Parvis Saint-Pierre, Xavier de Bue street, Place Vander Elst… on the other side of the avenue Brugmann.

Beginning : 06/10/2014 - Duration : 10 days.

Dewatering Works on the rue de Perck : it has lasted for almost a year and is hell for those who have to go through…

Beginning : 06/01/2014 - Until : 19/12/2014

On the chaussée de Saint-Job (in between the rue Basse and the rue du Repos): renovation works by Hydrobru- Vivaqua.

Beginning : 19/05/2014 - Until : 17/10/ 2014.

On the avenue des Sorbiers : these works and those on the chaussée de Waterloo make it almost impossible to reach Rhode-Saint-Genèse from Ixelles, in less than 30 minutes… and its only the beginning !

Sibelga - Beginning : 8th October 2014 - Duration : 6 weeks.

Stay tuned !

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