Exhibitions for this fall

Mardi 21 octobre 2014

Paintings from Sienna

Celebrating the italian presidency of the european Union, Bozar presents some sixty paintings lended by the prestigious Sienna Pinacoteca.

Bozar expo - rue Ravenstein. From Tuesday to Sunday 10 am- 6pm. Thurday until 9pm. Entry : 12 euros. Website : bozar.be.

Belgian great artists in Liège

In Liege, some of the best Belgian artists of the 20th century are reunited for an exceptional exhibition. The paintings, all come from the Belfius collection and have rarely been showed to the public.

Liège, Musée des Beaux-Arts (BAL). 86, Féronstrée. From Tuesday to Sunday 10 am – 6pm. Entry: 5 euros. Website : lesmuseesdeliege.be.

Rubens and his legacy

Rediscover in Bozar the work of the Flemish genius and those other artists who followed his path such as Watteau, Delacroix, Constable, Daumier, Manet, Kokoschka or Picasso, all inspired in their own personal way by the wonderful artist. Children are welcome and activities and workshops are organized especially for them.

From Tuesday to Sunday 10am- 6pm. Thu until 9pm. Entry : 14 euros. Website : bozar.be.


JV en kiosque - Abonnement

Septembre 2018

  • Enquête - Le vin en Belgique
  • Notre cahier spécial finance sur la succession
  • Virée automnale à Malines
  • Découverte de la communauté tango
En vente chez votre libraire le 07 septembre.


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